A Natural Way to Cool Your Playhouse

The picture at the right illustrates a ridge vent installed on the "Little Jewel", a small 2-gable playhouse.

Ridge vents provide a natural method of cooling your playhouse during the summer. They are particularly useful in the "sun belt" where the summers are very long and the middle of the afternoon can be very hot.

Ridge vents cool the playhouse by exploiting the principle that hot air rises. As the temperature of the air in the playhouse increases, the hot air naturally rises and accumulates along the ridge pole and gables of the roof. Ridge vents provide openings along the ridge poles so that this hot air can escape.

As the hot air escapes from the top of the roof, it is replaced by cool air flowing in through the windows. In this way, a natural circulation is established with cool air entering the lower parts of the playhouse to replace the hot air that the ridge vents are removing.

The ridge vents include a plastic grid to discourage and exclude insects such as wasps and bees. The ridge vents are covered with shingles so that they blend in well with the appearance of the rest of the roofing materials.

If ridge vents are selected for your playhouse, they should be ordered for all of the roof ridges.

The ridge vents lengths are available in increments of 48" and are priced by the number of vent segments required. In general, small 2-gable playhouses require two segments, and small 4-gable playhouses require 4 segments. Larger playhouses require more ridge vent segments.

Ridge Vents for Small 2-Gable Playhouses $ 100.00
Ridge Vents for Small 4-Gable Playhouses $ 150.00
Ridge Vents for Large 2-Gable Playhouses $ 150.00
Ridge Vents for Large 4-Gable Playhouses $ 200.00

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