Each Carpenter's Shop playhouse is individually designed and hand-crafted to provide a childhood of delight and a lifetime of memories. Built with the finest materials and special attention to every detail, your child's playhouse will be an heirloom for generations.

The Carpenter Shop playhouses are scaled to the height of a small child, but the slope of the roof provides headroom of almost six feet inside. Therefore your children's playhouse will be a delight when they are young, but they will not outgrow it, and will continue to use it for many years.

The exterior trim on the Carpenter's Shop playhouse includes Applied decorations, such as hearts, rocking horses, rabbits, or ducks.

Several playhouse models have covered front porches, with decorated "columns", "spindle" railings, and recessed front doors.

The roof is covered with high-quality 20-year composition shingles, and all roof valleys are fitted with metal flashing.

Most of the Carpenter's Shop playhouse models also have flower boxes under or beside the windows for artificial flowers.

With special attention to detail, the interior of the Carpenter's Shop playhouses are trimed with painted decorations, shelves, and spindle railings.

Most of the Carpenter's Shop playhouse models include fixed windows in all four gables to flood the interior with soft natural light.

The shelves with their spindle railings make a perfect plact to store books or a favorite stuffed animal.

Most of the Carpenter's Shop playhouses include a small double pedestal "desk unit" that can serve as a conventient place to read, color, or write. Alternatively, it can serve as a cabinet for a "pretend kitchen."

As an option, the desk unit can be enlarged and fitted with a fully functional sink that attaches to a garden hose and drains to a convenient flower bed.

Above the "desk unit" a small shelf unit surrounds a small window. This provides a convenient storage area for books, dishes, or favorite toys.

The Carpenter's Shop playhouses are normally painted in a primary exterior color with a complementary trim color. The interior is normally painted white or an appropriate pastel color.

If desired, the Carpenter's Shop playhouses are available unpainted so that you can make a family project of the painting and decoration of the playhouse.



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